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Haven Earth is a Private Membership Association (PMA) focused on Regenerative Solutions and helping those looking to Return to the Land with a focus on Hemp.

Your one-time donation of $11 or more gives you access to our private groups, resources, courses, and in-person gatherings.

After your regular HEN Membership is activated you can also upgrade to the HEN Seed Starter Membership.

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About Haven Earth Network Online

HEN online is your place for connecting & taking Action. 

Join our Network to become part of a real world transformation with innovative, regenerative solutions for getting back to the land.

 Join our Online Network today to get unlimited access to active groups and people all working towards creating and abundant future based on Sovereign Solutions! 


What is the vision & function?

Haven Earth is the bridge between the old and new timelines leveraging the technology available to us to document and share pertinent information with our Members through the Haven Earth Network (HEN). 

Imanee and River explore this more in depth with The Regeneration Series interviewing leaders in their field of  Sovereignty, Bio-Archetecture, Off-Grid Living, Permaculture, AgroForestry, Syntropic Farming, Homesteading and more.


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There are two types of memberships.
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Regular HEN Membership


A one-time donation of $11 will link you to our online campus that is serving as an innovative incubator connecting our growing global community focused on Returning to the Land and Regenerative Solutions.

Connect with like-minded others, join groups based on special interests and regions, participate in the discussion, and learn from our educational courses. 

This membership is a lifetime membership and does not expire.

Seed Starter Membership


Your non-refundable donation of $2,000 is the first step to ease your mind and put your dollars to work as we build out the internal infrastructure at Haven Earth.

Access online content for a discount, connect with like-minded others and participate in behind the scenes conversations with others looking to return to the land.

A Regular $11 HEN Membership is required before activating your Seed Starter Member

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Founded By Imanee & River, Haven Earth Ministries is partnering with Land Stewards in strategic locations around the world who are protecting acres of pristine Nature and ready to invite like-minded folk to join them on the land so that we can not only weather the coming shifts and changes.

Haven Earth Onland

Our Mission is to establish and connect global Safe Havens focused on education, innovation an intentional socio-economics that support an empowered, purposeful and creative return to the land and abundant, agro-centric ways of living.


Regular HEN Membership

Activate your $11,- HEN membership now. This lifetime membership does not expire.

Seed Starter Membership

Activating your Seed Starter Membership requires a Regular 11,- HEN Membership first

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