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About Our Mission

To establish and connect global Safe Havens focused on education, innovation and intentional socio-economics that support an empowered, purposeful and creative return to the land based on abundant, agro-centric ways of living.

We find that the FOLLOWING TOPICS are what people are hungry for in these changing times. 

HEN is here to support your transition back to the land in new and creative ways. 

Haven Earth Hubs serve as an innovative incubator to solve the problems of today for the future generations to come.

Food Security Strategies (1)

Expertise, support and shared labor to ensure food security.

  • Greenhouses & Survival Gardening
  • Extra Seeds & Seed Bank
  • Berry Bushes, Fruit Trees, Nut Trees
  • Chickens, Ducks, Quail or other birds
  • Rabbits, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cows
  • HoneyBees & Butterfly Gardens, Mushroom Inoculation
  • Wild Foods, Food Forest, Wildlife Feeder.

Building New Templates

Haven Earth will build out the infrastructure and provide the expertise, resources and ongoing support through hands-on workshares, consultations and the HEN platform to Land Stewards at Member approved HUB locations.

  • Workshares & Trainings focused on Regenerative Solutions
  • Innovative Campus Incubator & Media Center to document progress
  • Homesteading Educational Model, Food Forest, Orchards & Greenhouses
  • Farmstand, Farm To Table Dinners & Outdoor Commercial Kitchen
  • Cooperative Food Share Model
  • Healthy HemPioneer Studios & Hemp Casitas to host Members & Faculty
  • Community Event Center, Kitchen & Bath House Nature Preserve
  • Trails & Camping on Land
  • Residential Village

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Join other HENS & connect with like-minded people to participate in behind the scenes conversations with the Management Team and others looking to return to the land.

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What Your Donation Covers:

  • Operational Infrastructure to keep HEN going
  • Development of HEN Online Platform and other Decentralized Technologies
  • Calendar of Events & Reservation Platform for Hub Locations
  • Membership & Accounting Expenses
  • Haven Earth Team Expenses

About Our On-Land Roadmap

Strategic Partnerships

 Our Management Team  is identifying and securing strategic locations around the world with land stewards who are protecting acres of pristine Nature and are ready to invite like-minded folk to join them on the land so that we can be better prepared to weather the coming shifts and changes.


You're in Good Hands!

Meet our Management Team

Paul "River" Richardson

Land Projects Lead Designer & Trainer in Hemp Bio-Architecture

Imanee Mamalution

Project Lead Strategist,  Network Coordinator & Project Development

John & Rebecca Bush

Exit Strategy Creators
Live Free Academy

Dave Fabry

On Land Management Team

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Non-refundable donation of $2,000

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  • Monthly Meetings
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