• BEES
    For all the bee lovers out there.....need we say more! 🐝🐝🐝
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  • Church of the Holy Shit
    Let's keep the poop in the loop. We are more bacteria and virus and fungi than human cells,…
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  • Colorado Haven Earth Hub
    Updates & Progress for the Colorado Haven Earth Hub located in Golden, Colorado. Let Nick know if you…
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  • Dec 10th Return to the Land Event
    Join us and our special guests for our first Return to the Land event in Kingsbury, Texas at…
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  • Education Alternatives
    Starting a school? Looking for a school? Homeschooler? Unschooler or looking for options and alternatives to traditional schooling?…
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  • Human Design & Gene Keys
    For all those seekers looking to innerstand new ways of BEing ✨
  • Off The Grid
    A seed was planted years ago in the countryside of Turkey for other ways of doing things....specifically natural…
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  • South Africa Hub
    Connecting with our Haven Earth Hub in South Africa: connections, resources, updates & more.
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  • Syntropic Agroforestry
    A place for resources, wisdom sharing on the practices and principles of Syntropic AgroEcology or Syntropic Farming. By…
  • Tennessee Haven Earth Hub
    Updates & Progress for the Tenessee Earth Hub. Let Christina know if you are interested in getting involved!
  • I am in the UK and wanting to buy/live/build a detached Hempcrete house and food forest. Minimizing the…
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  • Vanlife- Nomads
    Welcome fellow travelers! Is a "traditional " home living life not for you, and would you rather be…
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  • Where To Go?
    So many of us are transitioning our residency. If you are looking to relocate or have temporary or…
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