How to navigate the platform

You can access mostly everything on the platform using the navigation bar at the top of the screen. 

Feed: Takes you to the platform-wide activity feed where you can see updates from anyone. 
Courses: This will be where you can access courses. 
Groups: Here’s where you can look at all the groups on the platform and join them. 
Members: Here’s where you can find other people to connect with.
Profile: If you click on your name you’ll be able to navigate to all parts of the site. 

How to edit your profile

You can edit your profile by click on your name in the navigation bar. Then hover over Profile. You’ll see that you can edit your profile, update your profile photo, and your cover photo. 

How to make a post

You can make a post directly from the Feed or Profile page. This post will be shared to everyone on the platform and will be the latest in the activity feed. Click in the post area to begin writing a post.  

Once you click you will be able to write the post in detail. Notice that you change the privacy of the post to only yourself, your connections, or public by clicking on the dropdown underneath your name. Lower in the editor you’ll find icons to help format and tag other users. You can also upload images using the camera icon to post them on the platform. 

When uploading a picture, you will notice an indicator as the picture is uploading. Please wait for your image to finish uploading, the camera icon will disappear from the picture when it is complete. You can then finish your post and submit! 

How to browse & join groups

You can a join a group by going to the Groups page (also linked in the navigation bar). On the groups page you will see groups, any groups you can join will have a button from which you can join as a member. Once you are a member you will begin to see activity and discussions from that group in your feed. You’ll also be able to access its discussions post within the group. 

How to post in groups and start discussions

Once you have joined a group and visit its page, you can begin posting in its feed. You can get to the groups feed by clicking the Feed tab underneath the group’s profile. When you post in the group’s feed, all members in the group get a notification, and can reply to your post. 

Some groups will have discussions enabled. Click on the discussions tab to see discussions in the group. From here you can reply to existing discussions, subscribe to all discussions in the group, or even start your own discussion.

How to connect with and find other members

You can find members by going to the Members page (also linked in the navigation bar). On the members page you will see all members of the platform. Under each member you will see buttons to connect and to message. If you connect with a member they will show up under your connections and their posts will be highlighted in your feed. Start making connections today! 

How to message other members

Once you click on the mail icon on the members card, or if you message them through their profile – you will be able to send them a direct message. If they message back itll show up in your inbox. 

You’ll be able to see incoming messages using the inbox icon on your navigation bar. Just click on the icon to read your incoming messages. 

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